Over the past month or so, I have been thinking a lot about what I want my business to be, what I want to do, how I want to do it, when I want to do it.  Some days I feel like there is too much going on and I don’t have time to think…  too many things whirling in my head.  But I’m coming to realize that I am making some progress and over the next two months, I want to get some fundamental things down about my business.

While I do have my website and I have an Etsy store, my goal is to have my own website where I sell my items so that I’m not on Etsy.  I want control over my own website and I don’t want to be locked into paying someone else to sell my items.  So, while I have put a few things on Etsy, it’s really my desire to get my website up and running.  While I know the basics about websites, I don’t know what really should be done about starting my own business.  So, I signed up with Renae Christine’s cupcake training  to learn everything I need to get my website up and running.  I’m very impressed with Renae – she’s very clear and her training is great.  I’m not really big on video training but I like her’s.  I have been to some webinars where it’s just too much — too much dancing around, too much joking around, too much non-sense.  I don’t have time for that.  I need to know the facts and not too much more than that, but that’s just me….

So, that being said, I’m still crocheting but I’m doing research and taking training and starting to put together my website to start JennieOCrafts!  Here’s to the new year….


Baby Booties

A few weeks ago, I had a friend ask me to make these all so cute baby booties!  I couldn’t resist!  I had been looking for a cute set of ‘shoes’ to make for her new little girl and with her suggestion I felt these were perfect!

Here is the start of the project….

I used a pattern by Bonita Patterns.  Once you get the hang of the pattern, it was actually quite easy and fun.  I also bought the pattern for the kid’s size and adult’s size.  I’m working on a pair for me right now to try them out!

Here’s the finished pair for my friend’s daughter.  I crochet these with Lion Brand Sock-ease Cotton Candy yarn.  It’s wool but has a nice feel to it;  I usually get itchy with wool.  I used a size 3.0 mm hook.

I’m planning to add this to my Etsy shop to sell as a made-to-order item!  I’m really excited.  So excited that I bought my URL!  (it might not work just yet, but hopefully in 24 hours!)



So, I have taken the leap and have opened my own Etsy shop

I only have one item on the shop for now until I can get more of my crochet items documented, but I guess it’s a start, right?

I know I still need to document what I have been crocheting this year, which has been a lot, but I have so many Mandalas that I don’t even know what to do with them!  So, I hope to start documenting them here and listing them on my Etsy shop for sale.  No use letting them sit in a basket!!

This is the one I have listed first only because it’s the first picture I came to in my picture list…

This is called African Flower Love and it was taken from the book, Mandalas to Crochet.


MIA – kinda…

Wow!  Have I really been MIA for over a year on my blog?  I guess I have!

But!  I haven’t stopped crocheting!  In fact, I have been doing a lot of crocheting over the last 8 months.  It’s been a hectic year so far, but my down activity is to crochet, crochet, crochet!

So, what have I been crocheting?  A lot of Mandalas!  I’m in love with them to say the least.  I have also done some arigurumi.  I have been working on a blanket that I get yarn for every month.  I’m trying to catch up and I’m almost there.

Here’s a sample of some of the crocheting I’ve been doing this year.  I hope to get on here and document everything some day soon!



Gifts of Crochet

The past month and a half, I’ve been working on quite a few gifts, thus the reason I haven’t posted anything.    I had posted about the owl blanket that I made for my new 2nd cousin.  He was born a few weeks ago.  I made a bib for him, also.


I made something for my sister since I was going to go see her.  I made her a pig.  It actually turned out pretty good.

The last think I made was a unicorn for one of my friends.  I thought it turned out quite cute.


Besides working on my temperature afghan, I’ve been trying my hand on arigurumi. I’m not sure it’s going so well even though I sooo… want it to! Lol
For those of you who don’t know what arigurumi is, it’s basically crocheting little animals or people. I love so many patterns and think they are so cute! I got a book last week by Ami Ami who does awesome arigurumi- little cats. But I need to master the skill first!!

My first project was an elephant. I actually started this elephant a year ago. But I kept pulling it out & re- doing it because I just wasn’t getting the hang of it. After doing some of my other projects, I’m finally starting to learn the basic stitches without thinking too much. I was able to finish crocheting the pieces. Now, putting them together – that was another thing all together. My legs were too far apart & my trunk was crooked. Good thing this was just for me!

The next thing I tried was a cat with some me free yarn I got. It was going okay except the color changes weren’t good. I got all the pieces crocheted & started putting them together. I really wasn’t happy with it. I ended up throwing it out. 

I’ve tried a small cat from one of my crochet magazine. I have all the pieces & now need to put them together. I’m noticing that I don’t do well with the small pieces. We’ll see how this goes…,

Owl blanket

Earlier this week, I was able to work on a small item for my cousin who is due to have a baby in about a month. I made a small owl blanket. I hope it looks like an owl!  Owls hold a special meaning to us. Grandma collected owls before it was cool to do so, she had them everywhere. When I was in grade school, I painted her one that I now have. So, I felt that giving my new 2nd cousin an owl was a small way to make sure he always has a part of grandma (great-grandma) with him. I hope they like it!!

The pattern came from Leisure Arts, Animal Lovie Blankets.  This was super easy to make and I did it in 3 evenings about 6 hours total.  They have some really cute ideas and for a quick gifts, this is perfect!  The yarn, you ask?  Caron Simply Soft Brites — it is very soft and again, easy to work with!  Besides white, I also used blue mint and limelight. The ombre that is very subtle because it matched the other colors so well is Teal Zeal.   I bought the yarn from Pat Catan’s.  The orange and black are just little balls I have of different colors that I got from Amazon for Christmas.


Cuffed Shawl – Complete!

My Cuffed Shawl is COMPLETE!  Yea!  It only took me about 6 weeks and one of those weeks I didn’t really get to work on it.  I find that pretty good for my first big crochet project.  I’m quite happy with it and hope to wear it this week with the mild weather coming.

As a reminder, this pattern was The Cuffed Shawl & More pattern from Leisure Arts.  I found the pattern super easy to do and follow.  It was basically double crochet stitch through out.  The only thing I didn’t like was how the cuffs were done.  How it was being added to the shawl seemed a little tedious, so I did the cuffs separately and then attached them afterwards which was a lot easier.

The yarn that I used was  Lion Brand Yarn, Homespun, in the color Regency.  I really like the color.  The yarn was also easy to work with.  When I was trying out different yarns for my Mom’s scarf for Christmas, I tried a texture yarn that I had a hard time determining where my stitches were because of the ‘bent’ yarn.  This yarn was not too bad.

I went to JoAnn yesterday to find a button for the shawl.  I was so excited when I found the below button!  It matched perfectly!

Belle Buttons by Dritz in a size 1 9/16 inch

Here are a few more pictures of the shawl….

Pattern Addict

My name is Jennie and I’m a pattern addict. 

‘Hello, Jennie….’

I’m not making fun but I really think I’m an addict of patterns. 

When I was really into cross-stitching, I wanted every pattern & magazine I could get. Letting me loose in a cross-stitch store with cute patterns was never a good thing. When I moved to my current house, I purged most of my magazines, pulling out the patterns I thought I might really want to do some day. I even got rid of some of my books. 

Now, I’m into crocheting and the obsession is back!  I want it all. The only good thing is that now, there is ereaders & digital content so no one really knows how many magazines, pamphlets & books I really have. I still buy some books & magazines. I love buying the foreign magazines (London) as they always have gifts in them. Why doesn’t the US do that??  But my obsession, is great!  For just starting to really crochet, I have many more patterns than I will ever do, but that’s part of the fun!  Right??

My name is Jennie & I’m a pattern addict….

Old Crochet Book

I forgot I had this book until I saw it on someone else’s blog. This book belonged to my Grandma and my aunt gave it to me when they were going thru my Grandparents’ house after they both passed away. She gave it to me before I started crocheting but I have always done cross-stitching so it probably seemed like I was the best person to have it. I am now so happy to have it (not that I wasn’t at the time, of course, but you know).

Grandma received this from Aunt Betty but I havent found an Aunt Betty in my family tree yet ( another hobby of mine).  The book was written in 1946, so its pretty old. Just looking thru the instructions, not much has changed. And it seems many patterns are timeless!

I also found some old little pieces in the book! So much fun!