Baby Booties

A few weeks ago, I had a friend ask me to make these all so cute baby booties!  I couldn’t resist!  I had been looking for a cute set of ‘shoes’ to make for her new little girl and with her suggestion I felt these were perfect!

Here is the start of the project….

I used a pattern by Bonita Patterns.  Once you get the hang of the pattern, it was actually quite easy and fun.  I also bought the pattern for the kid’s size and adult’s size.  I’m working on a pair for me right now to try them out!

Here’s the finished pair for my friend’s daughter.  I crochet these with Lion Brand Sock-ease Cotton Candy yarn.  It’s wool but has a nice feel to it;  I usually get itchy with wool.  I used a size 3.0 mm hook.

I’m planning to add this to my Etsy shop to sell as a made-to-order item!  I’m really excited.  So excited that I bought my URL!  (it might not work just yet, but hopefully in 24 hours!)



So, I have taken the leap and have opened my own Etsy shop

I only have one item on the shop for now until I can get more of my crochet items documented, but I guess it’s a start, right?

I know I still need to document what I have been crocheting this year, which has been a lot, but I have so many Mandalas that I don’t even know what to do with them!  So, I hope to start documenting them here and listing them on my Etsy shop for sale.  No use letting them sit in a basket!!

This is the one I have listed first only because it’s the first picture I came to in my picture list…

This is called African Flower Love and it was taken from the book, Mandalas to Crochet.