Besides working on my temperature afghan, I’ve been trying my hand on arigurumi. I’m not sure it’s going so well even though I sooo… want it to! Lol
For those of you who don’t know what arigurumi is, it’s basically crocheting little animals or people. I love so many patterns and think they are so cute! I got a book last week by Ami Ami who does awesome arigurumi- little cats. But I need to master the skill first!!

My first project was an elephant. I actually started this elephant a year ago. But I kept pulling it out & re- doing it because I just wasn’t getting the hang of it. After doing some of my other projects, I’m finally starting to learn the basic stitches without thinking too much. I was able to finish crocheting the pieces. Now, putting them together – that was another thing all together. My legs were too far apart & my trunk was crooked. Good thing this was just for me!

The next thing I tried was a cat with some me free yarn I got. It was going okay except the color changes weren’t good. I got all the pieces crocheted & started putting them together. I really wasn’t happy with it. I ended up throwing it out. 

I’ve tried a small cat from one of my crochet magazine. I have all the pieces & now need to put them together. I’m noticing that I don’t do well with the small pieces. We’ll see how this goes…,

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