Year Long Project

My year long project is going to be a temperature afghan.  I’m doing it with granny squares – one block for each day of the year.  I used the basic granny square pattern of two rows of double crochet.  The block comes out to just under 3 inches.   There are a lot of patterns out there for this square, but I used the pattern on the website, Crochet Again.  Attic 24 also has a good pattern for a slightly bigger block and she also has instructions to join the blocks with an invisible joining method.

This is what the block will look like.  I did the first try in the mixed color.  Looks cute!  I’ll use this color which is called Nursery Ryhme.


I went to JoAnn’s this past Saturday for yarn for this project and found some that I liked called Big Twist Yarn.  It’s soft and easy to crochet with.  I bought all the colors that I need for the year.   I tried following some other people’s color choices from Pinterest, but I really don’t like the color orange, so it’s not in my list.  I figured it’s my afghan, I could do as I want!

Just as others have suggested, I’m doing my degrees cutoffs by 10 degrees.  So, the below table shows the break down and the color I will use for each grouping.  The letter in the last column is for my own use.  I’m keeping track of the highest temperature for each day in a small calendar book I got and will add the color letter.  I’ll probably just crochet block colors until I really decide how many rows and columns I want to do the afghan.

Degree Span Color Color ID Letter
90+ Dark Rose #05014 A
80 – 89 Medium Rose #05013 B
70 – 79 Blush Pink #05009 C
60 – 69 Buttercup #05008 D
50 – 59 Medium Teal #05016 E
40 – 49 Light Teal #05015 F
30 – 39 Light Demin #05018 G
20 – 29 Royal Blue #05028 H
10 – 19 Dark Demin #05020 I
Less than 10 Blueberry #05029 J

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