2017 – Crocheting the Year Away

So, this year, I’ve decided to document my crochet works.  I’ve already done some things this year but those won’t be documented just yet because they are a gift for my mom.  Once they are ready and sent, online they will go!

Right now, I’m looking into Pinterest for ideas for a temperature crochet blanket.  I’m going to start planning my colors and what type I want to do.  I’m considering doing small granny squares so that I’m not just doing straight lines all year. I need to decide the size and the patterns I want to do.

I’ve been accumulating yarn over the past few weeks.  Looking forward to deciding what to do with it all.  I’ve also been accumulating a lot of patterns – can’t wait to decide what to work on.

I receiving books and tools to try tatting.  I’m looking forward to learning tatting and incorporating into my year of crocheting.

So – on to the start of 2017 and the year of Crochet!!

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